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tv   NBC Bay Area News  NBC  August 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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bay area athletes -- off to a strong start in rio. right now at 7 -- bay area athletes -- off to a strong start in rio. we'll show you some ofthe best moments we've seen so far on the first official day of the olympics. ==terry/2-shot== complete olympics coverage... starts right now. good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm terry mcsweeney. complete olympic coverage starts right now. good evening and thank you for joining us. i am terry mcsweeney. >> bay area athletes already making a splash. competitions under way in tweupl swimming and basketball. >> tonight we do have team coverage for you from the olympics, from brazil to the bay area, but of course let's head
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straight to olympic city where we find melissa ageary. still at 11:00, so busy. >> reporter: thousands of people are still here milling about at olympic park, and taking pictures and exploring the park. we have swimmers in the pool right now, and tonight all eyes are going to be on copacabana beach because of beach volleyball, and you can imagine the rivalry tonight between usa and brazil when those teams hit the sand. and for santa clara native, kerri walsh. >> kerri walsh jennings making
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her fifth appearance, but this time with a new partner, april ross. walsh says she is excited to play on copacabana beach. >> it's electric to play in copacabana and i can't wait to give the fans the best show in the world. >> and partner ross says she is ready to rumble. >> i am not going to hold back at all and get out there and unleash the beast. >> reporter: we're going to see her unleash the beast tonight. that match is tonight, copacabana, it starts at midnight. now, if when all of these matches are over kerri walsh jennings medals, she will have a lot. i will not be able to make it down to copacabana, so i am heading to the megastore after
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this so i can get myself some rio swag instead. >> get it early, because you don't know how long it's going to last. >> we will check with you later in the show. good shopping. a lot of excitement, but not without problems when you host a huge event. and some fans have had to endure extremely long lines and the biggest problems were the long lines for the security bag check. another issue some of the official buses that chauffeur dignitaries and vips got lost and the transit system is taking a lot of getting used to. the usa men's basketball team led by three warrior stars humbled china today, 119-62. kevin durant led the way.
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and bay area swimmers making a huge splash in the olympics. teammate ledecky also from stanford with the 400 meter freestyle. a lot of locals are very excited about this, and we are live at santa clara university where the women's soccer team watched. >> reporter: what a game. santa clara university can claim ties to a dozen olympic athletes, including one that is playing in rio, and that's soccer player julie johnston, and unfortunately julie was out with a groin injury today but that did not keep the soccer team from watching every move.
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play by play the santa clara university women's soccer team keeps all eyes on the big screen as the u.s. and france battled for dominance. nervous gasps and anxious spills common throughout the game. >> i thought it was a nail-biter most of the game. you know, france really gave us a run for our money. >> for the young players, watching the game is a chance to be inspired and learn from the pros. >> being so young and watching them throughout the olympics, and a bunch of hard and competitive games, you just learn so much and seeing them just play with so much passion, it really inspires me during practice and games. >> and coach jerry smith agrees. >> we have had about 20 different players play either in the world cup or olympic games and it's nice for our players to know it's possible. >> not only that smith coached several of the players when he was with u.s. soccer and has a
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vested interest in their success. >> it's fun to watch the players go out and perform well and knowing they are using some of what you offered as a coach when they played for you. >> they did not disappoint. the usa scored the one and only goal in the game securing them a spot in the knockout matches. >> reporter: the u.s. soccer team will take on columbia tuesday afternoon and no word yet on how long julie johnston will be out. >> i want to correct myself before the women at santa clara come after me, the u.s. soccer team is going for the quarterfinals and not the semifinals. now to some other news tonight. for the second time in four months, flames inside a san francisco apartment complex.
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the fire broke out on san jose avenue near the 24th street mission b.a.r.t. station, and this has to be tough on the residents, christie? >> the neighbors have questions that are understandable because people did burn before and people were displaced and it was empty and then it catches fire again, and a crew is here boarding it up to make sure nobody can get inside and making sure it's safe. it started around 9:30 this morning and spread to all three floors. it took firefighters about an hour to knock this fire down which quickly grew to two alarms, and no injuries but concern for residents this may push the time back further for those waiting to get back in and questions about how it could happen again. >> the time is that rather odd. i thought the building was completely vacant but it could have been squatters. i don't know. >> reporter: the firefighters
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say the cause is still under investigation but neighbors have expressed concern about the frequency of fires in the mission, and displacing those that can afford it, and factors like crowding and density in old build-somethings a possibility, and firefighters tell me the last fire here was accidental and did start in a laundry room. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> with the old building, environmental issues. san francisco firefighters posting the short video here of the firefighters being hosed down, and this is to get the asbestos off of their suits. tonight hayward police are looking for a killer. the victim now identified as 18-year-old torres. police say they found him last night near glass brook elementary school and t.
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police have not identified a shooter. this shooting happened at 5:30 this morning on bw williams drive off of broadway street and officers found a man with gunshot wounds lying in the street and he has not yet been identified and no word on any suspects. coming up next, tens of thousands of lost and stolen guns. >> when i see a stolen gun, i see a future robbery and homicide or assault. >> unprecedented investigation into what happens after guns are stolen from law abiding citizens. beach traffic not just clogging up the highways, the serious steps they are taking to keep cars from using city streets as a detour. it may be summer but you need a jacket outside right now in san jose. 68 degrees, and a cool start to the weekend but will it last through sunday.
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==peggy/2shot== it's a growing problem -- that's also deadly. on the streets, criminals consi it is a growing problem that is also deadly on the streets. criminals consider stolen guns to be more valuable than gold. >> we teamed up with the nbc stations throughout california to find out how many stolen guns contribute to crimes. >> we worked more than six months and got record and data that nobody has ever obtained
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and it shows lost and stolen guns kill and maim innocent people here and around the state. a lot more often than you might imagine. as soon as you drive on the sonoma farm, the legacy surrounds you. >> she was my sister, but she was my best friend. >> from the fruit trees to the rose bushes to the grounds she attended daily, she left her mark. >> always had a kind word for everybody. >> her death carries its own horrible legacy. the 84-year-old was tied up in this chair in her home by two fugitives on the run from the law. then she was shot to death where she sat. >> tied her up with duct tape and then shot her. >> using data compiled by a team of investigative reporters throughout california, we traced three of the guns in the murder
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to guns stolen, and a stolen gun was traded for a getaway car. >> it happened for no reason. >> the use of stolen weapons to commit other crimes happens again and again, and we match the serial numbers of 4,346 guns connected to crimes from the same time period. >> whenever i see a stolen gun, i see a future robbery. i see a future homicide. i see a future assault. >> we were able to match 2,600 different boston stolen guns directly connected to crimes later. and the agent in charge of the federal bureau sacramento field office. >> often we find people that own firearms are not aware of the serial numbers and we know
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people sometimes have guns stolen or pilfered from their collection by family members and they are not aware it's missing. >> we were able to track at least 35 different lost and stolen guns that were later used in homicides or attempted homicides statewide, and those do not include the stolen guns used in four out of five high profile homicides in the bay area last year, including steve cartin in marin county, and carey in golden gate park, both killed with the same stolen gun, or kate steinly killed on the pier, or ramos, both killed with stolen guns from law enforcement officers. >> that is -- that's a large number. >> evan johnson grew up around guns and gang violence in sacramento. >> you get used to it. >> even as a youngster, johnson
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said he knew how to buy a gun off the street. >> our analysis showed many of the guns lost and stolen in the state come from sacramento, stockton, all higher than areas around the bay area, like san francisco and all of santa clara county. >> firearms are of high value to people in the criminal community. >> and our trace found several guns to be used two or three times on different crimes. does that surprise you? >> not at all. not at all. no. firearms, we see gangs that will pass a gun around between gang members so that it -- they use it like a community gun so that it's available for more than one person and it also lessens the responsibility on one person if they are caught with it. >> kind of like the family is not the same anymore. >> larry and anne say their
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sister died in senseless violence no amount of data will explain, but doesn't surprise them the people caught in the murder were caught up in trading and stealing guns as well. >> this project captures one snapshot in time and we want to emphasize many law enforcement agencies refused to cooperate in our requests. we have a breakdown of all of this on our website at click on the special web page "guns in the bay area." i am stephen stock, nbc bay area. >> if you have a tip, give us a call. you can also send us an e-mail to the unit at meteorologist was just saying to me if the olympics
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were be held around here, a lot of people would be shivering. >> 60s in san jose, unusual for this time of year. still bringing in lots of clouds around san francisco, and out towards the east bay in livermore, you are seeing temperatures only in the 60s and 70s. tropical storm's a few of san francisco, see all the clouds downtown and a high today of only 60 degrees, and san jose 68 degrees a. high of 75 and out towards livermore, the average high this time of year should be 88 degrees and today 82 and a cool breezy 70 outside right now, and the onshore winds will once again bring in the repeat performance of low clouds heading towards tomorrow morning and you will see them towards the trivalley, and then the clouds stay on the west side in san francisco and maybe through the san bruno gap again, so sunday high temperatures, 70s and low 80s around san jose, and san francisco staying in the low
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60s, and again, golden gate park looking cool, you will want the jacket with you all day long in san francisco. around the trivalley, maybe warmer. 82 today in livermore and going for 84 in the forecast as we head through tomorrow. notice the 7-day forecast,we will take you through changes here. as we head back to the workweek we will begin to see temperatures climb a little for san francisco, as we can see temperatures rising tuesday, and winds picking up on wednesday, and notice the valley will have a cool stretch and will warm up on tuesday and then the numbers come back down wednesday, thursday and friday, and then saturday, next weekend looks to be the warmest day of the week, but beautiful weather for outdoor plans tomorrow but may need a jacket around san francisco. >> very cool, especially for august. kind of nice. and then some residents sick of beach traffic, and what is now being done to try and stop it.
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>> we have all been in that. we want to give you an update on the medals count, and turn away from the screen, we will not say anything audibly. when the music stops it's okay to look at your screen again. ♪ ♪ wildfires burning near the bay
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area. first -- the coldfi - tonight firefighters are making progress battling two wildfires burning in the bay area. first the coal fire still growing at 5400 acres and containment at 35% and no evacuations. and also the fire near big sur is 40% contained and almost 56,000 acres burned there and dozens of homes have been destroyed. if you have been in the
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traffic you know how frustrating it is and the city of los gados. and they are trying to discourage drivers from clogging up the district. these closures will be in place from 9:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon, and this is only on the weekends, and if you are driving northbound on highway 17 you will be able to exit on south santa cruz avenue. still ahead a dream come true for a little boy battling cancer, all thanks for a generous highway patrol department.
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anma the first family on vacation this summer. this is president obama, first lady michelle, and their daughters arriving at the martha vineyard's airport, and they will be on the island for two weeks and no public events scheduled because that's what you do on vocation. you vacate, that's right. one of the obama daughters is working a little bit, and earlier this week sasha was
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spotted at the takeout window at a pop seafood restaurant. and then a big crowd in san francisco, and we have the video for you, and crowds continuing to build for radiohead. it's the sixth year it sold out. tomorrow if you plan on driving or parking anywhere near the event, budget in extra time and don't park in front of somebody's highway. a little boy with a dream of becoming a chp officer got to wear the uniform for a day. >> this is 6-year-old tristan who is battling leukemia, and the golden gate phc took them under their wing, and he looked out for the speeders and a traffic spot and handing out a
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couple tickets here, and trystin's dad said he has not seen him smile that big in a long time. and we will look live at the olympics when we come back. ==peggy boxes==
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day one of the summer olympics wrapping up in rio right now, and let's head back out to olympic city in rio. >> even though it's 11:30 at night she has shopping on the
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brain and it's because there's cool things you want to get there, jessica? >> reporter: i was headed to the store but turns out it is closed. the way it works out, the park closes 30 minutes after the last competition but apparently the store closes before, but i did see them earlier today, the big hot item are these really cool flip flops that say rio 2016 on them and of course the cap. i will be searching for those flip-flops tomorrow and if i see them i will definitely bring you a pair, and terry, i don't think you make them in your size. >> get them for your girls. >> i am coming for sure. those are cool. guys, do me a favor, tell jeff -- or rob, it's super hot here, very hot here in rio and very humid. >> we can do those temperatures tonight. >> high humidity, but your hair
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is holding up fantastic. you look great. >> reporter: well, thank you very much. again, i will be shopping tomorrow. that's for sure. >> all right. >> size 10 if you do find them. >> thank you, jessica. we will have more from rio tonight around midnight. that's when we will be back. >> hope you can join us then. >> have a good night. ♪ this is my time to be remembered. my whole life, i feel like i've been training for this moment. i can push my body harder than any other swimmer. the hard days are the days that build champions. you really can't measure heart. it's about the journey. it's about overcoming obstacles that we don't expect.
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my name is jordan burroughs. haley anderson. connor fields. i'm ryan lochte. ...and i'm an olympic athlete. michael phelps had just about done everything in his career, but never had done this. >> give him the honor of carrying the flag by his teammates. >> plus, it takes a steady hand, a keen eye and a calm mind to hang with these olympians. find out if mario lopez has what it takes. and this world champion is a bundle of athleticism and a bundle of joy. meet simone biles, a young woman poised to become the next big thing in olympic gymnastics, next on "the olympic zone."


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